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The 43rd Northeast Bioengineering Conference (NEBEC) brought more than 500 students and faculty to the New Jersey Institute of Technology for a stimulating conference. There were 270 presentations:


Keynote Talks by National Leaders in Bioengineering
Invited Faculty Talks
Selected Talks by Conference Participants
Research Posters
Undergraduate Design Posters

Many participants commented on the overall high quality of these presentations.

Abstracts of the accepted submitted talks and posters can be viewed in a searchable abstract database.

At the conclusion of the conference, selected participants received awards. Shown below are faculty speakers and platform session chairs Catherine von Reyn (Drexel University), left, and Deva Chan (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), right, with conference chairman William Hunter (NJIT).

Both Research Posters and Undergraduate Design Posters were judged during the conference. The following participants received awards for the outstanding quality of their posters:

Undergraduate Design Awards:

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute:
    A. Czamara, A. McLoughlin, K. McNamara, L. Schneider
  • Stevens Institute of Technology:
    A. Falcone, D.Ferrara, M. DeAbreu Pineda, V. Hazelwood, G. Atlas
  • Dartmouth College:
    A.J. Crain, A.P. Hamlin, L.S. Feeney, H.S. Johnstone, E. Lee
  • The College of New Jersey:
    L. Biernacki, E. DiMartini, A. Magnotta, C. Wood, C. Wagner

Research Poster Awards:

  • Johns Hopkins University:
    S. Garikapati, Q. Wang, C.H. Choi, H. Modi, N.V. Thakor
  • Temple University:
    S. Assari, K. Darvish
  • University of Toledo:
    E.A. Krull, A. Coughlan
  • University of Connecticut:
    J. Alhamdi, E. Jacobs, M. Hurley, G. Gronowicz , L.T. Kuhn
  • Rutgers University:
    R. Battikha, N.G. Cuccolo, R. Tyagi, I. Hacihaliloglu
  • Temple University:
    R.J. Kyada, F. Yousefi, M.V. Padalkar, M. Unger, N. Pleshko

The Conference Program Booklet and lists of Oral Research Talks, Research Posters, and Undergraduate Design Posters remain available under the Conference Info link above.

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