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Author Instructions for Abstract Submission

Abstracts are to be submitted as PDF files in the 2-page IEEE format.

NEW! Single page abstracts are also acceptable.

See this example that should be used as a model for all abstract submissions: Click Here

There is no fee for abstract submission. It is assumed that at least the first author will be present at the conference. Thus, if no registration for the first author occurs by the registration deadline, the abstract will be removed from presentation.

Important Links

All accepted abstracts will be archived on the NEBEC website "as is".

All abstracts must be submitted electronically in PDF format. Your graphics should follow the following:

  • TIFF image
  • 600 dpi (1 bit/sample) for line art (graphics, charts, drawing, tables)
  • 220 dpi for photos and grayscale images

Important: Before creating your PDF, proofread your source thoroughly to confirm it requires no more revision.

Detailed Steps to Submit Your Abstract

Abstracts must be submitted at this website.

At that site, the submission process follows the following steps:

  1. Create Login information for yourself if you are New to This Site, or login as a Returning User if you have already been to the NEBEC abstract submission site.
  2. Click on Create a New Submission. Complete all required fields in the proper format when submitting your paper.
  3. Under the Author button, use the Make Myself an Author, Add New Author and/or Add Authors From Another Submission buttons for this submission. Delete or edit authors from list as needed. Make sure that the first author listed is the one who is guaranteed to be present at the conference. When you have properly added the authors for this paper, click on Finished Adding Authors.
  4. Under the Submission button, put the Title of your paper (the same as in your PDF) and then select the PDF of your abstract to the File Location. Click on Upload. Your PDF abstract file has now been submitted, but you're NOT DONE yet!
  5. Under the Submission Detail button, choose a Theme from the drop-down menu to ensure your submission gets to the correct review category. Then select your First Author Type and Preferred Submission Type from the drop-down menus so you will be properly categorized into the correct area. Undergrad Design Competition is for project based designs that will have posters displayed at Friday's session (March 31). Oral and Poster Presentations are for research work to be presented at conference sessions on Saturday or Sunday (April 1 or 2). Submitting for a poster means you'll ONLY be considered for a poster. If you submit for an oral presentation you will be considered for an oral presentation OR a poster, depending on availability of speaker slots. Click on Save and Continue with My Submission.
  6. Under the Submit button, use the Accept My Submission button if you are ready to submit. You will see a submission confirmation that you can print out.
         Clicking on Resubmit My Submission will take you back to the Submission section and ask you to select a possibly different File Location again. You will then have to complete all the steps above and hit Accept My Submission when you are ready to submit.
         View My Submission will allow you to review the PDF as it has been uploaded. You will still have to click on Accept My Submission when you are ready to confirm it has been accepted.
  7. Under the My Account tab, click on Logoff when you are finished with your submission.


The presenting author must be the first of the co-authors listed on the submitted abstract. The presenting author will be the main point of contact for information regarding the submission and is responsible for the following:

  • Forwarding acceptance/rejection of the abstract to all authors.
  • Ensuring that all authors have read the abstract and have agreed to be co-authors.
  • Notifying all co-authors of any additions, deletions and changes to the program, as may be corresponded by NEBEC, in a timely manner.

If the abstract is accepted for presentation, it is the responsibility of the presenting author to forward all correspondence to the other authors. The presenting author must adhere to all published guidelines.

It is the presenting author's responsibility to ensure that all co-authors are listed on the abstract itself, and entered into the abstract submission system under the authors block. Co-authors not included in the abstract submission system will not be referenced in the author index.

It is the presenting author's obligation to ensure that the abstract is presented at the conference.

Failure to present an oral or poster presentation at the scheduled time will result in the abstract being removed from the archive on the conference website.

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