44th Annual Northeast Bioengineering Conference | Drexel University | Philadelphia, PA

Call for Abstract Submissions

Submissions Open: February 1, 2018
Submission Deadline:  March 2, 2018
Acceptance Notification:  March 8, 2018
Extended Deadline for Research Posters: March 8, 2018

NEBEC seeks abstracts from students, scientists, engineers and researchers from university, clinic or industry.

Abstract for design posters, research posters or oral presentations are to be submitted electronically using the submission web site.

Abstract texts have a maximum of 350 words to be entered/copied directly into the submission textbox. Abstracts will be compiled with author and institutional information and one image can be uploaded. Abstracts will not be included in databases such as IEEE Explorer or Pubmed.

Authors submitting abstracts of novel research or device-related work should assign their abstract to one of the following list of themes, although any paper germane to biomedical engineering will be considered.

  • Biomaterials
  • Biomechanics / Mechanobiology
  • Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing
  • Biomedical Sensors and Wearable Systems
  • Cancer Technologies
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems Engineering
  • Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering
  • Computational and Systems Bioengineering; Bioinformatics
  • Devices: Micro- and Nano-Bioengineering
  • Device Technologies and Biomedical Robotics
  • Diagnostic Systems
  • Drug Delivery
  • Education in Biomedical Engineering
  • Immunoengineering
  • Neural Engineering, Neuromuscular Systems
  • Orthopedic Engineering
  • Pediatric Bioengineering
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Tissue Engineering, 3D Printing
  • Other

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