NEBEC 2021 Invited Speakers

Invited Keynotes
Education (March 23) – Ruth Ochia, Temple University
Neural Engineering (March 24) –
Brian Litt, University of Pennsylvania
Regenerative Engineering (March 25) –
Cato Laurencin, The University of Connecticut

Faculty Seminars

Medical Devices – March 23
Eric Brouzes, Stony Brook University
Ahyeon Koh, Binghamton University
Jenna Mueller, University of Maryland
Chetan Patil, Temple University

Neural Engineering – March 24
George McConnell, Stevens Institute of Technology
Helen Schwerdt, University of Pittsburgh
Yalda Shahriari, University of Rhode Island
Siddhartha Sikdar, George Mason University

Changing the Landscape of Education Panel – March 25
Rachel Childers, The Ohio State University
Lori Herz, Lehigh University
Aaron Kyle, Columbia University
Sarah Roone, University of Delaware
Michael Rust, Western New England University
Joseph Tranquillo, Bucknell University

Regenerative Engineering – March 25
Justin Brown, Pennsylvania State University
Natalia Higuita-Castro, The Ohio State University
Jennifer Puetzer, Virginia Commonwealth University
Charlie Ren, Carnegie Mellon University

NEBEC 2021 Tentative Schedule
The three day program will include sessions on medical devices, neural engineering and regenerative engineering.
Special sessions will be focused on education, networking, and the undergraduate design competition.
More details to follow in February 2021.


2021 NEBEC Schedule

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