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Undergraduate Design Competition

The Undergraduate Design Competition requires submission of an abstract. See Author Instructions.
Accepted submissions will require a poster. See
Poster Presentations.

Please read the Author Instructions carefully before submitting your abstract.

The NEBEC Undergraduate Design Program and Competition will take place on

Three exemplary undergraduate designs will be chosen by the Conference Committee
for recognition at an Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 31 at 6:00pm.


  1. Product Need and Market Potential: How well does the team describe and document the overall product need and the specific requirements for their devices and/or products as specified by the customers? Both qualitative and quantitative requirements should be described.
  2. Device Utility and Novelty: How well does the team describe their design and how well it satisfies the customers' needs? Have they discussed the current state of art and how their product fits into or complements the existing market? What aspects of the design make it especially useful and novel when compared to the existing market?
  3. Technical Feasibility: Is the design based on logical and sound engineering analysis and judgment? Has the team addressed the major technical challenges and demonstrated a reasonable plan for solving them?
  4. Commercialization: Does the team have a plan to commercialize their products and/or devices? Has the intellectual property been documented and/or protected?
  5. Writing Clarity and Style: Is the report clearly written and in an appropriate style? Is the language clear and free of grammatical and spelling errors? Are the concepts and ideas conveyed clearly and concisely to an engineering and general audience?
  6. Safety and Ethics: Has safety been carefully considered? Have the societal and environmental impacts been carefully considered?


Your poster will be displayed electronically using a large LED monitor.  See Poster Presentations for more details.  Your poster will be assigned a poster letter and number which you will receive prior to the conference. If your assigned poster letter contains an "A", your poster will be evaluated during Judging Session "A" from 3:15pm to 4:15pm. If your assigned poster letter contains a "B", your poster will be evaluated during Judging Session "B" from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.

During your presentation hour, 1-2 presenters must stand near their poster during the 60-minute Poster Session to interact with poster judges, answer questions, and/or provide any clarifications regarding the work presented. You will have about 5 minutes of official presentation time during this hour, but may be asked other questions by judges and other attendees. When you are "off" during the other session, you may take time to network and view the other posters. Just be aware during this time that other posters are being evaluated. Please keep conversations to a minimum in the space so that the judges can get through all the submissions without delay.

It is the responsibility of the submitting author to forward all correspondence to the other authors.

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